29 ODI & 4 Test, houseful Cricket Schedule of June 2023 _ Cricket Back With a Bang After IPL 2023

29 ODI & 4 Test, houseful Cricket Schedule of June 2023
29 ODI & 4 Test, houseful Cricket Schedule of June 2023

According to PakistaniImmediately after the end of IPL 2023, the spring of international cricket has come again and in this month, that is June 2023, a total of 29 one-day international matches and four test matches will be played almost every day. There will be one day match every day, it will be average and with such a large number of matches this month, fans will be able to see their favorite teams and their favorite players in cricket action, and like every month, this month too, will come to you. Presenting this month’s schedule in which you will be able to know which teams are competing this month and what will be the venues of their matches and what will be their timetable according to Pakistani time. First of all, let’s talk about Ireland’s visit to England, where a test match will be played between the two teams this test match will start today and will last until June 4. According to the time, this match will start at 3 o’clock and every day’s game will start at the same time.

The Test match will also be very interesting and besides, we cannot predict the performance of Ireland in the recent period, so this match will not be as easy for England as it usually is. Apart from that, let’s talk further from June 1, which is a Southern Cup from today 2023. Today will be the last day and today two matches will be played. After England, the biggest tour of this month is Afghanistan’s tour to Sri Lanka and here the Afghanistan team will play three one-day international matches. and wiAccordingat 9:30 a.m. according to Pakistani time, that is, all-day matches will be played the first one-day match on June 2nd second one-day match on June 4th and the third and last one-day match will be played on June 7th Afghanistan Apart from the next series between Sri Lanka and West Indies, three one day international matches will be played there, and since the one-day world cup is to be played this year, they are doing as much as possible.

More cricket should be played, which can be estimated from the fact that there are 29 one-day international matches in June 2023, but not a single T20 international match has been scheduled, although four test matches are to be played this month. His schedule is a West Indies tour to UAE, his first ODI match will be played on June 6th, the second ODI match will be played on June 4th, the second ODI match will be played on June 6th and the third and the last ODI match will be played on June 9th. It will be held in Sharjah and the first match will be played at five thirty minutes according to Pakistani time and probably the next matches will also be played at the same time.

This is the schedule of the West Indies tour of UAE and moving forward, the next big match is the ICC Test Championship final which will start from June 7th and will be played till June 11th. will At Old, the two top teams of the second ICC Test Championship, India and Australia, will compete.

It seems that the Afghanistan team is fully prepared for the Asia Cup 2023. And playing more ODI matches. So let’s start the tour, which will be the first match which will be the test match which will be the only test match of this tour. It will be played from June 4 to 18. This match will start at 9:00 a.m. Pakistan time at Dhaka and every day’s game will start at the same time.

While in this tour, three ODIs and two T20 international matches are also to be played in Afghanistan. But these matches will be played next month. And in next month’s details will be shared with you and apart from that the next big series is the series which is called the traditional series between Australia and England which is watched by many cricket fans. After Pakistan and India, the most interesting matches between the two teams are between Australia and England, and especially the series starts on June 16 and the first Test match is played in Birmingham.

The team will be the guest this time England will be the host and this match will start at three o’clock in the afternoon, according to Pakistani time the second test match of the series will start on June 28th and this match will be played until July 3rd. The second test match will be held at Lord’s and the timetable is the same, i.e. at 3:00 p.m., apart from the remaining two or three test matches of the series, because traditionally it consists of five test matches and the remaining three test matches are I will go in July and I will share the details with you in the July schedule. Regarding the timetable and venues of the rest of the matches, we are moving forward. Out of which the top two teams will be able to qualify for the ICC World Cup 2023 where only ten teams have been shortlisted this time eight teams directly.

Have qualified, but top teams like Sri Lanka, West Indies, and Zimbabwe have failed to qualify, so this is an ICC World Cup qualifier, especially for West Indies and Sri Lanka, who are already champions. West Indies has become the champion twice, and Sri Lanka has become the world champion in 96. For them, this is the qualifier round or the qualifiers, it is of great importance, which will start on June 18. These and these matches are two different venues in Harare, Harare sports club is the traditional venue where international matches are held and the other is Kashinga which is a sports club which is also in Harare, so there are two different venues but the city. If there is one, it will be the second match at Harare, it will be played between the West Indies and the USA, and all the matches will start at 12:nooncording to Pakistani time. Sri Lanka and the UAE will be the first match on June 19. Ireland and Oman will compete in the second match, Zimbabwe and the Netherlands will compete in the first match on June 20, while in the second match Nepal and the United States will compete and all these matches will be played at Harare on June 21.

Land will face each other in the first match and the second match will be played between Oman and UAE on the same day, after which the Netherlands and America will face each other in the first match and West Indies and Nepal will face each other on June 22. It will be held in Harare, after which Sri will face Oman on June 23 and on the same day, UAE will play against Scotland, followed by Zimbabwe and West Indies on June 24. It will be a big match because Zumba Boy is the most successful team in the qualifying round and if the West Indies are defeated in this match, it will be very difficult to qualify for the World Cup 2023 on the same day, which is the second match, that is, June 24. It is between the Netherlands and Nepal. The tournament will shift on June 25. In another place, Sri Lanka and Ireland will compete in the first match.

The second match will be played between Scotland and Oman at the same venue. On June 26, West Indies and Netherlands will face each other at Harare. And on the same day, the second match will be played between the hosts Zimbabwe and the United States. On June 27, Sri Lanka and Scotland will face each other at Bulawa UK.

While the teams of Ireland and America will also compete at the same place on the same day. June 28 will be the rest. After that, the Super Six phase will begin. A Super Six match will be played on June 29. While two Super Six matches will be played on June 30. Now, since the idea of ​​qualifying teams cannot be decided yet.

So what will be the schedule? In July you will be able to see these matches. Which teams will be played between? Qualifiers in Super Six World Cup 2023. Therefore, it is June two thousand and twenty-three. Cricket fans will get to see the rich cricket in it and this month is very important for the fans of West Indies, Sri Lanka, and Zimbabwe.

Whose eyes are that their teams should qualify directly for the World Cup 2023?

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