ACC announced Asia 2023 teams in each group Pakistan with India and Nepal Asia Cup 2023 update

Asia Cup 2023 update

The Cricket Council has announced the groups for the Asia Cup 2023. The details of which teams are included in the groups of Pakistan and India and which teams are included in Group Two have been released, but still Till date, there is also talk and debate about whether the Asia Cup 2023 will be held in September or not, but despite this, the Asian Cricket Council has sent a welcome tweet to Nepal. Congratulations.

You can see his description of qualifying for the Asia Cup 2023 on the screen in which the tweet from the Asian Cricket Council congratulated Nepal cricket for beating the UAE in the final and not only the IC. Won the Sea Men’s Premier Cup trophyRather, along with this, he qualified for the Asia Cup 2023.

This tweet from the Asian Cricket Council is somewhat encouraging that the Asian Cricket Council is at least still on the schedule of Asia Cup 2023 in September itself, this is a welcome thing, but the important thing is The reason why Nepal has qualified, let me tell you a little scenario first, then we come to the groups of the Asia Cup, the Men’s Premier Cup of the Asian Cricket Council, which was played in Kartipur, they were able to win in the final match. AE was defeated by seven wickets and this tournament consists of ten associate teams whose finalists or the winning team is able to qualify for the main round of the Asia Cup.

In this way, not UAE but Nepal managed to qualify which is a good effort on behalf of Nepal, although UAE is a good team, they defeated it in the final match. According to the groups that have been made now, which is Group A or can be called Group One, the team Nepal will join with India and Pakistan and it is being said that the tournament will be scheduled on September 2023, this is Asia. It has been said by the council and apart from that, the two-three teams in Group Two include the teams of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan, and the last Asia Cup was in 2022 which was played in T20 format.

The same will happen, the top two teams from each group will qualify for the Ah Ah Super Four after which the teams will be decided the only difference will be that the Asia Cup was played in the 2022 T20 format, but this time the tournament It was played in ODI format due to the preparation of World Cup 2023 and the reason for the last edition played in 2022 was in T20 format because all the teams played in October of the same year which is Australia. The T20 format was played in the World Cup, so the same format was adopted. An obstacle has been created which is neither ready to come to Pakistan and play the Asia Cup nor ready to play its matches outside Pakistan and in a way it is dividing cricket if the Asia Cup is held in such a way that If it is canceled or postponed, it is obvious that Pakistan’s affairs with other member countries of the Asian Cricket Council may also deteriorate and this is probably the reason why the Indian board also wants the Pakistan Cricket Board. Cricket should be isolated once again as it has been in the past. It is to be seen how much the Pakistan Cricket Board plays its role in this regard.

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