Annual Ranking Updates, Pakistan Lost 3rd Rank to India Again, as No 1 Test Team ICC Ranking 2023

ICC Ranking 2023
ICC Ranking 2023

ICC today released the latest rankings, which are released every year after May 1, in which a season’s record is taken out and the fresh season’s 100 percentile is added accordingly. Today, Pakistan has faced a downgrade in the T20 ranking.

Pakistan has witnessed its third position, the Pakistan team, and New Zealand team have managed to rise and there has been a big change in the Test ranking. India has snatched the number one position from Australia. The two other updates will also be shared with you. In this report, first of all, it is important to tell you that the record of 2019 and 2020, the series played, the matches played, and now the ranking system. Have been removed and the last three seasons played since May 1, 2020, have been added and the weightage of the current season of 2022, and 2023 has been added. It has been and the last three seasons have been added completely, after taking out the season of 2019 and 2020, however, the current season of 2022, and 2023 has been added to their full weightage.

The record of 100 percent has been included, while the weightage of the last two seasons is half, and it has been kept as two thousand twenty-two thousand twenty-one and two thousand twenty-one and two thousand twenty-two. After the ranking is updated, the ICC releases a new ranking on May 1 every year, so according to this, the Indian team, which was the owner of one hundred and sixteen points, now has one hundred and twenty-one points, the main reason is this. In March 2020, they were defeated by New Zealand by 2-0, and now they have been removed from this record, which has increased their points. India has become the number one test team in the world in December 2021, and now it is the second time in this period since then, and also the Australian team, which was the world number one until yesterday.

The points have decreased from one hundred and twenty-two to one hundred and sixteen. The home series against Pakistan and New Zealand have also been removed, while the weightage of the one that was won by four zero against England. Half has also been added, so due to this, their points have decreased and the Australian team was ruling as the number one Test team in the world since January 2022, now it has finally been stripped of the top position. It is also worth mentioning here that the final match of the second ICTT Test Championship will also be played between India and Australia, the top two teams in the Test at present, and apart from that, tomorrow the players ranking will be updated in the last four seasons, the last season which is the first matches before May 2000.

They will be fired. Even after that, the ranking of the players can make a big difference. We will present this review to you tomorrow when the rankings of the players will be updated by the ICC and anyway, the weekly rankings will also be updated tomorrow. Therefore, today only the ranking of the teams has been updated instead of the players.

If we look at the present, according to the new ranking which is the test ranking, India is in the first place. A grade has been developed. Australia has moved to second place. There is a level theory. England is third, South Africa is fourth, and Pakistan and New Zealand are fifth. After that, its sixth position in Pakistan has been maintained. However, it has its points.

They are reduced by two. Eighty-eight to eighty-six points have been done. After that, Sri Lanka also got one point, less. However, their seventh position remains intact. West Indies is in the eighth position. Bangladesh is in the ninth position. They have also lost two points. Zimbabwe has got five points. But his tenth position is maintained.

Apart from this, if we talk about the T20 format, then India is in the number one position, there is no reduction in their points, nor have they, England is in the second position. Their two points have decreased, in addition, New Zealand has gained five points, due to which they have been able to move up, and if we talk about Pakistan, their new ranking. It has been faced with the perspective of four and one ranks, so this is a big blow. It was said before that regarding the new ranking that Pakistan’s position in the series against New Zealand has been saved. was

The series was tied by a margin of 2-2. But in any case, now one point of Pakistan has also decreased. And their position has also gone down a level. South Africa is in the fifth position. And their new ranking has also seen Australia at sixth, West Indies at seventh, and Sri Lanka at eighth.

Bangladesh is ninth and Afghanistan team at tenth place in the ICC Test ranking and T20 ranking. This is the latest ranking which has been updated today and tomorrow when the ranking of the players will be seen, it will be seen that the top players of Pakistan in the ODI format are Babar Azam, and in the T20 format, Babar Azam is at the third position and Rizwan is at the second position. And Fakhar Zaman, who has scored three centuries in a row, can make big progress in the ODI ranking.

Ah, the centuries of the last two matches and especially the unbeaten innings of one hundred and eighty runs will also be counted, after that, it will be seen how much the ranking of the Pakistani players would be updated and what would be in the top ten. What does it matter? All this will be shared with you tomorrow on World Sports.

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