Asia Cup 2023 likely postponed, preparation for alternate 5 teams’ tournament Asia Cup 2023 update

Asia Cup 2023 update
Asia Cup 2023 update

Regarding the Asia Cup 2022, very disappointing news has come out, the tournament is being postponed and an alternative five-nation tournament is going to be held. But we will examine what will be the difference, especially in the ICC Champions Trophy 2025. First of all, the important thing is that in recent days, a lot of efforts have been made to somehow convince the Pakistan Cricket Board. Let them be a part of the Asia Cup 2023. First of all, an attempt was made to have the Indian team tour Pakistan, that is, to come and play the World Asia Cup here before the World Cup 2023, and for this, during the era of Rameez Raja. It was stipulated that if the Indian team will come to Pakistan to play the Asia Cup 2023, then the Pakistan team will go to India to play the World Cup 2023, but the Indian board gave a clear message that they will not play any match. For example, Pakistan will not play Asia Cup 2023 after which the Hebret schedule or the Hebret model was prepared during the era of Najam Sethi, in which it was said that if the Indian team wants to play its matches in another country. Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Oman, or anywhere else can play in UAE, but the other teams will come and play in Pakistan. It was even offered that if the Indian team and Pakistan reach the final or semi-final. Even though Pakistan is the host team, the final match is ready to go to a neutral venue in another country, but surprisingly, no progress has been made in this regard. The Indian board did not agree even though it was a wonderful model. It was a good suggestion that Pakistan had taken a step back, but the reason for accepting the name of the Indian board was that they felt that if the habit model was adopted today, then they would face the same situation in the World Cup 2023. India will have to do it and the Indian team will have to play their matches with Pakistan in some other country instead of India, so they rejected this hybrid model, but on the other hand, Pakistan’s position is absolutely right. If it becomes a tradition today that no teams come to Pakistan and the whole tournament is shifted from Pakistan due to the non-come of a single team, then it will be difficult for Pakistan to host such events in the future too. As ICC Champion Trophy 2025, which has been hosted by Pakistan, there will be problems for the Pakistan board, a new tradition will be established, and a new example will be established. What is disappointing in this regard is that the Pakistan Cricket Board has taken its principled stand that no matter what happens, whether the event will be held in Pakistan or not, and that is why now The possibility has increased that the Asia 2023 will be postponed and an alternative plan has been prepared for this. The Indian board wants to hold a five-nation tournament to prepare for the World Cup and for other Asian teams including Pakistan, this Asia Cup was a wonderful opportunity through which the Pakistan team or other teams could prepare fully for the World Cup 2023 because the Asia Cup was to be played in Asian conditions and The World Cup 2023 is to be played in Asian conditions, but the reports coming from now that the chance of postponing the tournament has increased a lot and it seems to be the same, but I think if the Indian board in this regard It is trying to hold a five-nation tournament, that is, in a way, it will be the Asia Cup, but it will not have the name of the Asia Cup, so it will not have a name. If they are, I think they are not from Najam City, they are good for Rameez Raja, they have been in cricket since the beginning.

So this matter can be resolved. It can be done in such a way that if any team is going there then the Pakistan team can convince one of the teams from Afghanistan or Sri Lanka or Bangladesh for at least a mutual series while all the Asian teams are out. If possible, come to Pakistan and play in a tournament.

it will be a big success because this is an alternative plan and I think if the Asia Cup is held somewhere outside Pakistan then the Pakistan Cricket Board should clearly deny it.

The reports are also coming that what will happen is that this will strengthen the position of the Pakistan Cricket Board and will stop a new example from being established otherwise there will be problems for Pakistan and the other important thing is this. That if the tournament is postponed, then the Asian Cricket Council will have a problem in scheduling the next Asia Cup because when if the tournament is to be held in Pakistan, it will be pending, then it is necessary thing, it will continue to be discussed and this problem will not leave the Asian Cricket Council, but if the Pakistan team withdraws, the Pakistan Cricket Board withdraws.

Then the problem will be over. All problems will be solved. I think the position that has been taken. On behalf of the Pakistan Cricket Board, he is absolutely right. And the Pakistan Cricket Board should stick to this. Whether the Asia Cup 2023 could not be held. But for this, an alternative effort should be made from now. Just as there are reports regarding the Indian board that it wants to schedule a five-nation tournament.

And contacts are also being made. So the Pakistan Cricket Board should also work in this regard because now it is almost impossible to hold the Asia Cup 2023 and now the Pakistan Cricket Board should use all its efforts regarding the alternative series because Pakistan has There is not much opportunity to prepare for the World Cup 2023. There are three one-day matches left against New Zealand and three one-day matches against Afghanistan. Apart from this, Pakistan does not have any one-day matches and there is no one-day series. And if the Asia Cup doesn’t happen, Pakistan will have to organize at least another five-day series

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