Total change team experience cost humiliating defeat Pak vs. Afg

Pak vs. Afg
Pak vs. Afg

Pakistan suffered one of the worst defeats and it could have been expected. It has been good for people since many people were to some extent we were also sometimes convinced that the street is very important in the modern era, especially in the power play. It always says that I have Pakistan’s batting line, there is no such thing as the way Rizwan and Babar Azam are playing.

They are also giving you 40 to 50 thousand in power play and it happened that Pakistan did not even make 40 but all four testified in power play due to which Pakistan Tower Bridge. got out and faced the worst failure 

I don’t say that our young minds should not be given a chance but always say that our young people are pleased and as soon as they call they should be killed and given a chance so that their confidence What is gained is the benefit of it But the important thing is that what is done is always done in conjunction with the senior but the way it happened today you can see why Harris is not responding T20 World Cup 2022 was also played in condition and there The reason why he was doing 2020 is that Babar Azam Rizwan or any other experienced player would have been at the crease with him at the other end but today Ayyubi is playing the first match of his career, his brother is saying that Abdullah Shafiq is also playing the first match and here your voice will be heard because the lightning is very poor, it is raining and it is also raining. 

Because there can be internet for everyone to respect And Ehsaas is doing the responsibility of recording Tawaf immediately after the Shia-Sunni match and editing it, so it is a bit of work, so now these things are big, sir, where do they come back to? had more cushions are the same so that President Ayub Chowk Hafiz and a woman will not play him and Muhammad Haris also see their effects batting one they have appeared to me as an idea First you have only two Can score runs though Muhammad Haris is always said that the first reason why he did it was that he did not have any player with him to support him like Babar Azam or anyone else and today you see that Pakistan The pairing of was done in Gariban Ek Din To Naam Nain Which There is a place for service, he was gone, what was the star of Tayedah Rajyun, unfortunately, he got out, but when it comes to experienced players, 

you have some experienced players who read 786, so I think it is Pakistan’s. What has been experienced now is not only Pakistan It will be a big deal for them to go to Pakistan’s two points and if Pakistan faces one more failure then Pakistan team will take the world number three position and Pakistan was very close if Pakistan team this series. I made a clean sweep and saved all my 20 minutes and when Pakistan played the ODI series against New Zealand in five minutes in which Pakistan had A big thief so that the Pakistan team can raise its colors further and move towards the world number two, but this story has pushed Pakistan back to ruin and it will be crowded with Najam Sethi, 

Even if he has wallpaper experience in other matters. The way they’ve been brought in is the way they’re playing with it, I think First of all, Shan Masood was suddenly made the new captain of the Pakistan team, although he said in the last ODI 2019 that Chand Sahib Astana was made the new captain of the Pakistan team. Haris These are the players, but every player has a method of feeding in your domain that commission is here on Urdu literature and other websites on April Clare there too in not doing as you saw today. 

His answer to Sharjah must have been that he used to say these things It is very difficult if you do one after today’s match, the important thing was what happened and after that one was won by Pakistan and it was the first time that Pakistan batted first after winning the toss and not reading. The first 3 T20 matches played 

In the three matches between Pakistan and Afghanistan, Pakistan won the toss and batted against Pakistan and each time Pakistan faced difficulties and bowled Pakistan in the last over. He used to be at home but today he is going to be a part of your home

The win against Pakistan was their first win against Pakistan in any format in their history and Pakistan faced a historic failure. By saying this I was done because it is not saying that I am also terms of them

The most important thing is that Pakistan has to be destroyed, so set an example that if it doesn’t happen, the players should hope that the batting line they have can be successful. Because if they start bothering each other, it can’t be a big part but If your young players fail, you have to have someone on the express who can come back and take them along. You must have seen during the batting of Afghanistan that Paige was supporting the bowling and the young woman used to bathe.

See, there was a lot of work and the bells in the throat were not breathing in the beginning. Instead, his songs were forced to marry. Due to the fall and coming to Pakistan later 160 117 where to make and in the new year, If you have made 140 against Afghanistan, that’s a good score but today was like that at one time and was trying to highlight the singles and doubles, which I think was not their aim. And thus out he was also unnecessary and I had also become

I don’t know about Do, but the way they tried to bowl the last ball and the teams, that’s why the wicket fell like that today, after that the Pakistan team came under pressure and you came under a lot of pressure if we today. What will you talk about in the match? Talk about the sources. I want to answer those people who say that it is because of Babar Azam and the youth who are permanent in our team. Take that Mohammad Haris gave 166 runs in Pakistan Super League and 165 runs in cinemas but despite that

There is the pressure of cricket which is done which does not happen every night. There were only 26 runs scored in it and the voting was done. On the score of 44 runs and when Pakistan completed fifty years, which is the day of Pakistan’s independence, it was sent back. Please come back. Well, I am saying that any sitting king of Pakistan Couldn’t reach the limit of 20019. Muhaddith made it in the 18th. Muhadditheen made it invalid, this is how it will be. Pakistan’s police performance has been disappointing. Azam Khan escaped and other players were also very disappointed. God’s situation was like this. Imran Khan was here. And

Rizwan is amazing, Kaif Sharab Khan and the Russian forces should have played a big role, but they couldn’t do it. Today, what about Pakistan’s batting line? There are 12 and 12 in the 18th house from Sarai Majar, my two sons, Pervez Musharraf, got a chance, and Imad Wasim also saw the moon, but even he could not do it, so on Pakistan’s statement runs.

If he is out, do not mention that the people of Wara went wrong, nine wickets of Pakistan fell due to this, and the statement of Taraweeh Pakistan against Afghanistan is second to the companies. This is a compline score against any Afghanistan team

A very big Pakistan has suffered a defeat today, the second lowest score that will beat Pakistan or Pakistan will always be remembered by Pakistani fans besides, it is also worth mentioning here that this is even less in the history of Pakistan. The highest score is if you look at the complete match, before a day against South Africa in 2013, he was dismissed for 60 runs. What was in full order in the election was stopped in Nowshera and one more and Pakistan lost two wickets. Therefore, it cannot be called complete

It was made against the brutal exploitation of what Pakistan did in the Test match of the conference before this, which is the lowest score of Pakistan in Dubai in 2014 if we talk about it in a complete way.

If Pakistan had targeted the target killers and managed to repel them, it would have made history because Pakistan has never been out for 120 on Imran, Pakistan has never been successful. That Pakistan’s health was able to fire early

And talking about Ehsanullah today, he has taken a wicket on the very first ball and this is the first match in the history of Pakistan. I am teaching for the sake of the world. Before this, my mother had accomplished this feat and she had accomplished this feat, which was performed at the place of Out Kya Shahid Hain After that, he accomplished this feat. On the other hand, if we talk about Bruce of Afghanistan, he played an even better game. He must have competed with Pakistan to some extent because it can be said that there was not enough time. Dar declares that because of what is famous, in fact, we can’t make that score in the middle we can say that many of us have not seen it, but we will see a lot of grain on both sides. In particular, Mujeebur Rahman opened the Pakistan Super League for Peshawar Zalmi in four overs only by Noor Nabi Urdu Original I’m Korean.

So, they seem to be speaking normally, but that thing is not visible in their bowling, but when they play against Pakistan, human beings, they appear in a different form here. He was sad until Afzal Farooqui bowled brilliantly and got three fours and two wickets in four overs, then he said that Nabi said it was a high age, Turki Rashid Khan has 14 and 15. Cause more problems

Pakistan lost the first match and Pakistan has to join. Winning the last two matches of the address is very bad. It must be because for the first time in the history of Pakistan, Afghanistan Karachi, and if the next match is also lost then not only Pakistan in history. For the first time, they will have to face a series of defeats against Afghanistan, but Pakistan’s world number three deals will also end, Pakistan will slip to fourth place, so Pakistan’s next match is tomorrow. Later it will go to the 26th and at this time the last match will be played tomorrow at some place in Asia and it will be for Pakistan to win both these matches.

are very important and now that this is another failure to save Pakistan or they are taking the top orders of Pakistan, then Ayub Muhammad Haris women without these are the people who can invest in that it is a There are players, but I think God forbid the situation will get too hot on them and maybe they’ll lose inspiration because they’ll be under pressure, so that internal storage vision that’s there, the mind will go bad. And what will they answer with confidence and always say that when and say the same thing Repentance, but you can’t do that? The whole team came to buy young players. They were coming back. Regarding Azam Khan or other players

It’s a big worry for the comeback match. On top of all the work, four new players have been released. We’ll have to be ready for that, as well as what we have if our players, especially the shoe. There is a need to give their zakat like him. Kot Abdur Rehman should say that after a contract failure, his young players take a lot of worry on their minds and are also worried because of social media criticism. I can pause my criticism of what the team management did After all, you can’t say that they have failed, so we are the ones to judge at this point

Murder should be done and not revolutionaries should be given this opportunity to the revolutionaries who go ahead and play but one thing that has been noticed is that both Muhammad Haris and Ayub today say that it was failing. That all are from them a racing car from their face that they are putting pressure on their Mohammad Haris never did that was because our house is the same as all our young players who have done this, please. They have made a mistake together and our young man may have to suffer, but it seems bad that these players will cooperate with each other and save Pakistan from losing the series.

Pakistan’s win formula vs Afghanistan?| PAK vs AFG 2023

How Pakistan’s against Afghanistan What should be Pakistan’s strategy The meat of it In the, I have added statistics that how has been the performance of Pakistan and Afghanistan in the T20 format in recent years, but if Pakistan’s biggest concern for Pakistan is their bowling Afghanistan is very dangerous to Pakistan, especially in the white ball, they take so much out of their speech due to which the rival batsmen sit down and on the other hand if you look at the batting line of Afghanistan, any batsman among them.

Apart from not showing any great performance in the last two years, especially for you, Zeba Bar Milla, who has performed against them in the past, has not performed very well in the past two years. One Yemen If you look at Afghanistan’s batting average in the last two years, they have only two batsmen who have scored more than 120 against the top ten and Rashid Khan, which also includes his statement. If it is done, it makes a total of three to four, in which Najeebullah Zadran is at the top.

146 char yaar 41 retweets 455 e other than this there are other batsmen for them this performance is month by month crying it doesn’t happen. He scored runs at a strike rate of 108 and when he was working, what he is saying today is his batting, it will not be a big problem for Pakistan, but the fact is that it is his bowling that is causing problems for Pakistan. It can happen as seen in the recent past and Pakistan always gets pressured by protesting Afghanistan. 2020 has not been written, by whom has it been written, the best opson for Pakistan is that Pakistan If he bats first, his tips will be taken by the skin. Whenever Pakistan has taken it out and accelerated it, Pakistan’s batsmen are under pressure against Afghanistan’s bowling line. It is also written in seven colors which is very useful in today’s modern cricket and has a very good strike rate.

There is a minute Rashid Khan’s credit Sharia 50 now it has been canceled in it Fazal Farooqui has got dried up his index of strike rate is seven the original of the movie full movie is 6.3 his strike rate his bowlers said that He also said that his performance has been excellent in the language and it can create problems for Pakistan Even they should bat first after winning the toss in these matches and it would be more beneficial for Pakistan to bat first and also look at Afghanistan’s record when they bat first. More is not better because their bowling line is stronger Why rain in what 15 minutes I have batted before then Pakistan also has to see this record the most important thing is that you don’t know about yourself, you have to see what suits Pakistan more and I think it would suit Pakistan better to bat first

PAK vs. AFG T20s timetable & final schedule 

The timetable of the 3 T20 matches series between Pakistan and Afghanistan starting from March 24 has also been released and in it the Pakistan team, which is standing only three away from the World Cup in England, that Pakistan can win its own in this series. There will be an opportunity to improve the ranking and whether Pakistan will be able to become the world’s number two TV or not as we review and first of all talk about what is between Pakistan and Afghanistan, this is the first opportunity. There is more than one which is going very fast, but it has rained in Pakistan T20 World Cup and not Asia Cup matches in Afghanistan, but the recovery has gone only once, that too for only one minute.ODI series once T20I series, but this will be the first time that mutual series has been saved more than once and this series

Pakistani fans are waiting impatiently. The teams of Pakistan and Afghanistan have emerged as traditional rivals in recent times. If we look at this, the Pakistani team against Afghanistan so far, neither the ODI nor the T20 format. Lose the match but there have always been difficulties for Pakistan-Afghanistan has always given Pakistan a tough time, so this series of Pakistani fans will not be human in any way, but if it is said that the Afghanistan team will make history in this thing and defeat Pakistan for the first time because their There are also the best players, I will present the review of their players and the new players of Pakistan as soon as possible, but in this, I am presenting the time table for you, which will be their time table according to which The first match will be played on March 24 and all its matches will be played, and the second match will be played on March 26, while the third and final T20 match will be played.

All these matches will be played on March 27. All these matches started at nine o’clock in the night, according to Pakistani time. However, some surprising things have happened in this regard, because mine starts at seven o’clock or six o’clock, but if the time is kept, it is late at night. Because all those people could see Shah for the second time, whose timetable is a drop of blood, this is the timetable that came in addition to that.

Even before the start of Pakistan’s next series, Pakistan is currently standing at the third position in the ICCT Twenty20 ranking with 258th place, ahead of which England is only three points away with 200 expires. India is ranked 260 in the world’s number one team, which has been awarded to Pakistan, in addition to the other three, South Africa, fourth ODI, fifth Australia T.I.

Twenty20 Bangladesh has ranked tenth in Afghanistan with 216. Now the question arises that if the world number 3 wins the series against the third-ranked team, what will be the benefit to Pakistan if Dr. If you look at the system, Pakistan won’t get 1.5. Pakistan team won 20 20 series, winning 2-1 or a clean sweep, even then Pakistan won’t get votes. Pakistan will not get it

According to the rain production system, on the other hand, if Pakistan is defeated, God forbid, Pakistan will suffer a considerable loss. They will be level with fourth-placed South Africa at 256. Also, if Pakistan loses the series by a narrow margin, Pakistan will face a three-point deduction.

And the third position of Pakistan will also continue and the Pakistan team will slip to the fourth position. In this way, if Pakistan loses in the three matches of the series, then Pakistan will finish fifth and Pakistan will go to the fourth position. The fourth position would be that it would also be weakened, this is reproduction in terms of this object

This song is the deal for Pakistan, Pakistan won’t get any posts even from Fateh, but it is straightforward for Pakistan to lose and Pakistan needs to cleanFateh, but sweep this series before the T20 series against New Zealand. Because if Pakistan’s Jin Khilafat achieves great success, then the Pakistan team can go above the world number three and this is the chance for Pakistan if the Pakistan team does not lose a match against Afghanistan.

Babar Azam’s Best PSL Season For a Strike Rate

Strike Rate

The strike rate of Babar Azam, the captain of the Pakistan cricket team and the captain of Peshawar Zalmi, is always discussed and criticized. Babar Azam’s strike rate is always there, but his average is always higher and higher and that is the reason why he is also the most time in the match.

The world’s number one T20 player is also currently the world’s number one player in the ODI rankings, but despite that, his streak of runs is always the last thing about him. Awesome Fastest 2019 Total Name Fastest Software Install Name Fastest 8000 Runs List Second

But despite all the other qualities Israel is always talking about his strike rate but in PSL 2019 Babar Azam shut the mouths of his tribe who have excellent strike rates. batted from and it was his biggest haul in the history of the Pakistan Super League According to this tweet, in which he scored 145 yards with a total score of 40 runs and his strike rate in the powerplay was a But he also crossed one hundred and sixty, but overall in the last match of UK

His strike rate is 151 and his record thus far is more than 145 this is the first time that anyone has had a strike rate of more than 135. It was when he was one hundred and thirty-two 

453 runs at a strike rate and these are the only two batsmen alive to have a strike rate of 125. The 30th-best strike rate in a single season was in 2020 when he scored 124 runs at a strike rate of 414. These three are their best people. In this way, if you look at Babar Azam’s numbers, it is very wonderful. This season, 52.29 is the first run in 2021. He scored 42 runs off 23 balls in the last match before he managed to score 64 runs off 39 balls in the last match. In the next match, he managed to score 75 runs off 39 balls

And completed his 26 off 28 balls in both these matches and before this he was able to score 115 runs again before the fastest fifty of his T20 career, while his first century in the history of the Pakistan Super League. Earlier he was able to score 50 runs in 40 balls, so it can be estimated that Babar Azam 91 has now assumed that he will also score fast runs in his entire career today in the entire batting technique. There is no fault except one in particular which is the powerplay strike in that he doesn’t score very fast which always hurts him but Babar Azam seems to have it in his life.

He will get a chance in the series-like session of the Pakistan Super League, against whom he will show a similar performance and will bat with his excellent batting against Afghanistan. The opportunity has been given and after that, he will be seen captaining the home series against AIDS which will consist of five overs and five ODIs and the fans are eagerly waiting for the cricket series.

5 Most talented emerging players in PSL 8 | PSL 2023

5 Most talented emerging players in PSL 8 | PSL 2023

Assalam Alaikum Pakistan Super League 2023 is starting on 13 February and it includes some young players who are participating in PSL for the first time besides that margin players Every Monday, and at least one of the playing XI of every match. The inclusion of margin players is a must so the importance of margin players is very high and in this, we have margin releases evaluating how useful and effective they can be for their teams in the upcoming season of the Pakistan Super League. And PSL How can the clothes of 2023 be a drink pint and thus they can surprise everyone with their performance? First of all, let’s see who are the margin players of all the teams, who are the margin players? If you look at the list according to PSL 2023, Irfan Khan Niazi is one of the most-known names in Karachi. Zeba Ashikana Sufyan is living near Peshawar Zalmi. Islamabad United has Zeeshan Zameer and Hasan Nawaz and

The Kings of Monkeys are Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan. Salman Khan has already performed brilliantly in the Pakistan Super League. In the Kashmir Premier League, the Sultan of Multan has Anullah and Abbas Afridi, while Quetta Gladiators have Khan and Abdul Wahid. Bin Zayed is so c5 who please who are more likely to play enjoy it so first of all talk about Multan Sultan’s Arafat from Multan and Multan Sultan’s ability to do PSL new. If he talks to them, the situation is that against humans, I had performed a brilliant batting performance while I was still in the message. 171 Scored runs learned to recite two sores in three matches and managed to take three wickets which led to the connection, besides the recent Pakistan Day 82 for two memorable moments, one against Balochistan. While he scored 88 runs against Sindh and recently some young players were included with a Pakistan Test squad during Shahid Khan Afridi’s tenure, so this is a quality bowling performance.

Now it is to be seen how he performs for his team in the coming days so it has taken him by surprise. If you talk about Muhammad Irfan Khan’s graduation degree, he can be a product of PCB in one minute, he has passed the drama of 2019, 2020, 2022, and in the recent period, if you look at the National. He was able to make 141 runs in T20 Cup 2022. 153 Shah 26 is his project which can be given a great reception in which he scored 57 runs off 31 balls against Pakistan. Middle-order batsmen can perform prominently but it depends on Jimmy’s Wasim Akram and Imam Hussain, in particular, he is sanding how many opportunities he gets besides admitting Naseebullah Khan in Peshawar who is the most recent. In the past, Pashin belongs to Balochistan province and he is trying to become the first cricketer from Balochistan to play for Pakistan.

His performance is looking very good and getting success frequently if talks to Muawiya Pakistan cup 2022 in 2021 he is the top scorer of his team as well scored 51 runs in the second round of the tournament behind Nato. He also did Dastar, due to which he was also given the honor of his bed and was given to him. There are very few players who are mentioned frequently, but in recent times it has been seen that he is the best player of all. Bismillah Khan. Awaz Naseebullah, such a player looks like one. Hope from Balochistan that if seen like this in the near past or the distant past. He was a player who was related to marriage and from Karachi, but the current government has brought players from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and they have also started coming from Punjab, Sindh, and Balochistan. So players from all over the country have started coming and this is s a very good thing for Pakistan cricket. Irfan has been selected by Lahore Qalandar.

Pakistan Junior Kami can convince himself and in addition to that, he was the defensive captain Bahawalpur played for him in the final match he was able to bat brilliantly scoring 89 runs off 32 balls. In addition to this brilliant performance, which included six sixes, he was allowed to play two ODI series against the Bangladesh team, and when our chief minister came to criticize him, he said this. Also learn from those who have been familiar with the Pakistan Junior League and who have been able to excel there and have shown excellent performance, any of whom have a flair involved in it is easy or what the rest of the team listens to if they perform well. I am successful in Pakistan PSL in 2023 so it will be the basic product that will be done by Pakistani cricket. It can be said that where it has taken us in a short period and that is what is coming of Pakistan Super League. Some of this is Pleasing Voice will be able to perform well, which will do what it is supposed to do.

It will go on and they will soon be seen knocking on the door of Pakistan, but many players are not there, but if the revolutionaries will get so much confidence in it, then surely the people will benefit. Besides, Quetta Gladiator has included Imran Khan in his squad as follows, who has spoken the right words to call a pass. Showed a great performance and four of the original ones were taken by Dalises for men, then they can also be called the product of Pakistan Jalali. His father’s experts are also of the opinion that if he is given attention and if he manages to keep himself right, Imran Khan will be one of the best fast bowlers in Pakistan in the future. Maybe Ahmed Khan has the privilege of playing practice, no disrespect to those who don’t know that he has fast bowlers like Naseem Shah and Mohammad Hasnain out there who will get opportunities for him.

But sharing his fear with him can also give him a chance to learn a lot and prove to be the turning point of his career now finally talking about Hasan Nawaz who plays for Islamabad United. That Moin is in the squad Ali is included as and his ability is most debated about hitting long sixes he also appeared in the Kashmir Premier League playing for Mirpur where he scored 241 runs. He made 148 in 148 and 148.70 in which he managed to bowl fourteen times outside the Grand Como line. This confidence of 146 is the sign of a good leader besides the recent National T20 Cup. He was able to play five matches, but he was not able to show great performance, so this was his first big commission, he was playing at a high level, but if Pakistan Super League was given confidence and he was able to play according to his ability, Pakistan Super League. 2023 operation and may never happen again

Babar Azam will change PSL history in 2023 | PSL records |  Big records for the first time in PSL

PSL Records 2023

PSL Records 2023

The upcoming season of the Pakistan Super League starts on February 13

Those records of the Pakistan Super League will be established for the first time in 2023

No player has been able to set this record in the last seven editions of PSL

In the history of the Pakistan Super League, Babar Azam needs 87 runs to complete 2500 runs, while Kamran Akmal needs 28 runs to complete 2000 Quran runs.


The highest-scoring cricketer in the Pakistan Super League is Babar Azam who has scored 2413 runs

At number is Kamran Akmal, who scored 1972 but is currently not playing as a player this season 2

Fakhar Zaman is The top third with 1939 runs and Fakhar Zaman is the highest scorer 588 in 2022 per season.

The top-performing player in Pakistan Super League

The first number was Babar Azam who scored thirty fifty

 In second place is Fakhrzaman who scored 1750

In third place is Kamran Akmal, who has 15 feet

Mohammad Rizwan who made twelve 50

Shoaib Malik Malik also made twelve 50

Most six hitters in Pakistan Super League

Kamran Akmal has hit 89 sixes at number one

Second is Shane Watson who has hit 81 sixes

Yours is lying at your door who hit 79 sixes

The fourth number is Zaman, who hit 73 sixes

Number 5 is Sharjeel Khan with 72 sixes

At number 6 is Shoaib Malik who has hit 72 sixes

Most dismissals by a player as a wicketkeeper

At number one is Kamran Akmal who has dismissed 62 players

Muhammad Rizwan is at number 2. He has dismissed 60 players

Sir Faraz Ahmed is in the third position and has dismissed 43 players

The player who caught the most catches were  

At number one is Babar Azam with 39 catches

Muhammad Nawaz is in second place with 34 catches

Fakh zaman is in the third position with 29 catches

In the fourth position is Asif Ali who has 29 catches

Highest partnership history in PSL

Sharjeel khan, Babar Azam, 176

Ls Livingstone, Babar Azam 157

Ben Dunk, Samit Patel 155

Super League season eight mini-draft started today

Super League season eight mini-draft started today

Rashid Khan was replaced by Sam Billings and Rovman Powell Team David, who came from Multan Sultan will join his team on March 3 Hasaranga will join Quetta Gladiator on March 3

Replacement Draft

Rashid Khan was replaced by Sam Building, Lahore Qalandar

Peshawar Zalmi has replaced Roman Power with Richard Gleeson

Islamabad United has replaced Rehmanullah Grubbs with Gus Atkinson

 Alex Hales in Tymal Mill or Islamabad

Quetta Gladiator replaced the Naveen-ul-Haq with Nuwan Thushara

Lahore Qalandar replaced the tanks with Jordan cox and Kushal Mendis, and harry brook  replaced Shane’s dad well

Izharul Haq Naveed replaced David Miller for Multan Sultan

Quetta Gladiator replaced Odean smith with Dwaine Pretorius and Jason Roy with will jack            

Tabriz Shamsi replaced Faisal Akram, Karachi King

Supplementary Draft

Haris Sohail Khurram Shahzad joins Peshawar Zalmi, Richard Gleeson

Zafar Gohar joins Islamabad United Tom Curran, Tymal Mills, Gus Atkinson

Lahore Qalandar Sir has joined Kusal Mendis, Sam Billings, Ahsan Bhatti, Shane Dadswell

Ben cutting, Musa Khan Faisal Akram joined Karachi King

Multan sultan

Jiersin pollard, amad butt,Wayne Parnell,izharulhaq Naveed

Quetta gladiator 

Will jacks, Qais Ahmad, Saud Shakeel, Dwaine Pretorius, will jacks

Imad Wasim attacks on Babar Azam’s captaincy | What difference between Babar & his captaincy?

Imad Wasim attacks on Babar Azam's captaincy
Imad Wasim attacks on Babar Azam’s captaincy

Imad Wasim attacks on Babar Azam’s captaincy

Karachi Kings captain Imad Wasim has made a mockery of Babar Azam’s captaincy before the scheduled match against Peshawar Zalmi on 14th February and has also said that he will play against Peshawar Zalmi. Along with what they want to do on February 14, Hath has also told the captaincy difference between himself and Babar Azam

That is, while Peshawar Zalmi is Babar Azam’s assistant in Karachi, on the one hand, the two teams are becoming traditional rivals, and in general, social media fans are cricket fans. If they have left, then when they have a match with Karachi, let them play well in front of Imad Wasim and Mohammad Amir. Similarly, the cricket fans of Iman Wasim and Mohammad Amir say that when Babar Azam and these two come face to face, they will fight each other. Play well against

When Madh cricket rival teams play against each other, Madh watches with great interest. Earlier Lahore Qalandar was against Karachi, and Peshawar Zalmi and Karachi have also become rivals.
Talks have already started on social media that the match will be very thorny. Karachi King’s channel ARY was asked with faith and belief in February Valentine’s Day. Tell us something about the match. They used to say that every captain should go to the match. If they win the match, I will also try to win the match

A video was shared in ARY, in which Imad Wasim was asked how he will captain, he replied that it is his habit, I captain honestly, man, I don’t cultivate friendship.
It is also worth mentioning here that last season Babar Azam was the captain of Karachi King. It was the worst season for Karachi King in PSL history.

Babar Azam had ten matches on the same day, out of which he won one, and in November, he was the most unsuccessful captain in Karachi.
The most successful captain from their side is Amar Hain, the first and the second Kumarasangakkara captained
Karachi Kings won only one title, which was won under Amadoseem’s captaincy

The fair is ready to be decorated for the colorful opening ceremony of PSL 8 in Multan


LAHORE: It has been decided to decorate a festival for the colorful opening ceremony of Pakistan Super League 8 in Multan.

The schedule of Pakistan Super League 8 has been announced, the colorful opening ceremony has been finalized on February 13 in Multan, the first match of the event will be played on the same day between Multan Sultans and the defending champions Lahore Qalandars, a total of 5 games in the city. Rawalpindi will host 11 matches while Karachi and Lahore will host 9 and 9, respectively.

In the first phase, there will be matches in Multan and Karachi from February 13 to 26, and in Lahore and Rawalpindi from February 26 to March 19. will be the center of attention of the fans, and the afternoon matches of the league will start at 2 o’clock.

During a media conference in Lahore, PCB Management Committee Chairman Najam Sethi said I am very happy to confirm the schedule of the eighth edition, the mega event will be

Around the world, no one can question the quality of cricket in it, Australia. , South Africa, UAE, and Bangladesh have scheduled their leagues ahead of the PSL, anticipating that the popular event among fans will garner a lot of attention once it starts.

Najam Sethi said that it is hoped that this tournament of Pakistan will once again provide an opportunity for future stars to emerge, and the players coming from here will be able to find ways to represent Pakistan.

To this question, the head of the management committee said that in consultation with the stakeholders, it has been decided not to hold any league match in Quetta, an exhibition match will be held there on February 5, and next year PSL match should be considered. PSL 8

Regarding the addition of teams in the league, he said that we are talking to the franchises about adding the seventh and eighth teams, adding teams is a challenge but hopefully, we will find a solution.

India vs. New Zealand Second ODI Today

India vs. New Zealand

India vs. New Zealand Second ODI Today

The second match of India vs. New Zealand will be played today
Even today India’s chance of winning is 73 percent and New Zealand’s chance of winning is 70 percent
Today’s match will be the first international match played in Raipur

India Team Sqad

Rohit Sharma (c), Shubman Gill, Virat Kohli, Ishan Kishan (wk), Suryakumar Yadav, Hardik Pandya, Washington Sundar, Shardul Thakur, Kuldeep Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Mohammed Siraj