Fakhar Zaman broke fastest runs & 100s record | Top batters in 2023 | Babar Azam record broken

Fakhar Zaman broke fastest runs & 100s record
Fakhar Zaman broke fastest runs & 100s record

Pakistan cricket team’s opening batsman Fakhar Zaman broke the records of fastest runs and centuries, along with that he has become the most successful batsman in 2023 and has deprived Babar Azam of two major records. He has broken big records and also accomplished many feats. Yesterday, when he was able to play an unbeaten inning of one hundred and eighty runs, Pakistan made the second biggest target chase in its history and made the biggest total in Rawalpindi, and that too. What has been done and what are the other records that were there, in any case, the other records about which some people have questioned tere is Fakhar Zaman in the fastest 3000 runs? are standing and besides the records, we go into detail about it, but let me tell you briefly that there are two, two or three major honors that you have known in the previous video, one of them was a match against New Zealand. He became the second player to hit more sixes after Shahid Afridi and became the second player after Shahid Afridi to hit more than five sixes in a match against New Zealand for Pakistan and also the first for Pakistan against New Zealand. The player who got the record honor of scoring more than 150 runs broke IInzamam-ul-haq’srecord set in 1994. These things are known now but now they go ahead who scored three consecutive centuries and made Pakistan’s top ten. Pakistan’s four batsmen have achieved the feat so far. No other team in the world has had so many batsmen score centuries in three consecutive matches. Yesterday, he played unbeaten innings of one hundred and eighty runs, during which he was able to complete three thousand runs of his online career and was his innings number sixty-seven, due to which he became the fastest three thousand runs by Pakistan. Makers became players and before that, this record was held by Babar Azam who played one more innings and completed his three thousand one-day runs by playing sixty-eight innings. Still, now Fakhar Zaman has achieved this feat by playing one less innings. This world record is held by Hashim Amla who completed 3000 runs in his one-day career by playing fifty-seven innings. Shahi Hope and Fakhar Zaman have now jointly become the second fastest player Fakhar Zaman, who crossed this milestone in sixty-seven innings, has also completed ten centuries, and has become the most successful batsman of Pakistan in the list of fastest ten-centuries. It is only Azam who completed his tenth one-day century in his sixty-seventh innings. In contrast, Babar Azam completed his tenth one-day century in sixty-eight innings and these are the only two Pakistani players who have Saeed Anwar completed 100 centuries after playing less than 100 innings. Saeed Anwar completed 10 centuries after playing 111 innings. Muhammad Hafeez completed 162 innings. Muhammad Yousuf completed 168 innings. And Inzamam-ul-Haq took 299 innings to complete ten ODI centuries and the one who is ahead of them is Fakhar Zaman whose recent performance has been outstanding and he became the third batsman of the match for Pakistan. who got the honor of completing five centuries in the case, before this honor was only held by Saeed Anwar and Babar Azam, and if we were talking about the fastest one-day century, if seen overall in the whole world, then all Had the honor of completing ten ODI centuries by playing less than fifty-five innings.

Hashim Abla accomplished this feat by playing fifty-seven innings. Along with this, the great honor that Fakhar Zaman has received, he has become the most successful ODI batsman of 2023. The batsmen who have completed at least three hundred ODI runs this year. The highest among them is the average. She belongs to Fakhr Zaman, which is one hundred and thirteen index five zero

And in second place is Tump Omama. whose average is eighty-four.

Gul has scored 78 runs and Virat Jos Buttler has scored 74 runs with an average of 4 zeros this year the most important thing is that Fakhar Zaman Shaban Gill has also become the player who scored the most centuries this year. Fakhar Zaman has scored three centuries and if we look at the full-member teams, the second top scorer is Fakhar Zaman who has scored four hundred and four runs in five innings and Shaban is the leading scorer who has scored six hundred and twenty-four. runs but compared to that he has played nine innings, which means that he has played nine innings almost double than of Fakhar Zaman, he has played four more innings and is ahead of Virat Kohli. Fakhar Zaman Virat Kohli has played nine one-day innings this year but His score is less than Fakhar Zaman’s which is 424 and 427. These are great honors that Fakhar Zaman has achieved and it is hoped that he will show such a memorable performance in the remaining three matches of the series. Will make the series memorable.

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