Fakhar Zaman Close To Break Virat Kohli’s World Record 3 Records Awaited in Last 2 ODIs

Fakhar Zaman Close To Break
Fakhar Zaman Close To Break

Pakistan cricket team’s opening batsman Fakhar Zaman has a chance to break Virat Kohli’s world record, for which the next two matches of the series against New Zealand are very important. The four-fours that got out by making runs were definitely seen in good touch, but later he played a shot that was left in the air and was caught by the wicketkeeper, and before that two matches were played in Rawalpindi. He scored a century and played an unbeaten inning of one hundred and eighty runs in the second match, which was the honor of any player in the world, but he became only the third player who was able to play an inning of one hundred and eighty plus runs against the Kiwis. And broke the record for the highest innings by Pakistan and became the first Pakistani player to score 150 plus runs against New Zealand. Now there is an opportunity for Fakhar Zaman to set many more big records.

Although he could not reach twenty runs in the last match since he has played a great game in the series so far, he has scored three hundred and sixteen runs. In the three matches, the main reason is the excellent performance of the first two matches. Due to this, they now have a chance to win many big honors for which we are talking about one, if they score only 41 runs in the next two matches, then they will be all in one ODI series against New Zealand.

Will break the Pakistani record of scoring more runs than Yasir Hameed, who scored 356 runs in the home series of five ODIs in 2033, which included one century and four fifties. In other words, he was able to play fifty-plus innings in every innings. Imran Akhtar scored 348 runs in the same and now Fakhar Zaman is the third player who has scored 316 runs in a series against Kiwis. And it will be a great honor if he is able to achieve this feat further. Only forty-one more runs are needed in two matches, thus making him the second player since Yasir Hameed to reach three and a half hundred runs in a mutual ODI series by Pakistan or New Zealand.

Will become the second player to cross the mark because no New Zealand player could score so many runs against Pakistan on behalf of which Williamson scored the highest 346 runs in 2014. If he had accomplished the feat, now there is an opportunity for him to set this Pakistani record for Fakhar Zaman, and at the same time he can set another world record and those who belonged to the West Indies are big.

The player was considered to be one of the greatest players of his time in the world. He can also break his world record. For that, he needs eighty-nine runs, which he managed to make in the next two matches. He will become the highest run scorer in a mutual ODI series against New Zealand if we talk about the feat he accomplished in 1985 including two and two fifties in the five ODI series. He scored four hundred and four runs against India and is the only player in the world to score more than four hundred runs in a mutual ODI series against New Zealand, another world record. For Zaman, which belongs to Virat Kohli, which is definitely very difficult, but in any case, the kind of performance Fakhar Zaman has shown in the first two matches, if he succeeds in repeating it, he can break the world record of Virat Kohli. Which is the world record for scoring the most runs in a mutual one-day series.

He was able to score five eighty-eight runs and it was a great honor for him because it was a series of six matches anyway, but since at present there is a mutual series of five one-day, one-day matches between Pakistan and New Zealand, so a little bit Virat Kohli will get it, but there is still a chance to set this record, and given the way his form is going at the moment, he will have five matches of five or fewer matches in a one-day series. He has already become the second player to score five hundred runs in the day series.

It is hoped that by showing a great performance in the next two matches, he will be able to break not only Yasir Hameed’s Despin Hands record but also Virat Kohli’s world record.

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