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Fakhar Zaman’s big jump in ODI ranking Rizwan & Haris Rauf move up ICC ranking 2023

Fakhar Zaman’s big jump in ODI ranking

Today, the weekly ranking has been released, in which many players of Pakistan have progressed and degraded, especially Fakhar Zaman has managed to take a big leap and has managed to become the world’s number two one-day batsman. We will review what has changed the ranking of those in this series, while the current top ten one-day batsman, top ten one-day bowlers, and top ten one-day will also be reviewed for you. Will do and apart from that the important thing is that today the Pakistan team can win the third match of the series and get promoted to one rank regularly. Ten is one hundred and ten and if the Pakistan team succeeds in winning today’s match, it will move from fourth to third place and if it succeeds in winning the remaining two matches of the series, that means it will win all the matches and make it five in the series. If they succeed in making a clean sweep of 100, they will become the world’s number one day team, this has been formally added to the prediction system by IC today.

Apart from this, if we talk about the top ten ranks of the ICC ODI batting rankings, then we will talk about Pakistan’s batsmen. So Babar Azam’s points have neither decreased nor increased and he is still the world’s number one batsman while Fakhar Zaman has taken a big leap.

Now they have reached the second position, which was the tenth position before the series. They have got seven hundred and eighty-four points. A total of eighty-five rating points have increased. After playing unbeaten innings of 101 runs and 180 runs, I had already predicted that he would become the world’s number two ODI batsman.

However, there is not much possibility of him becoming number one because currently, Babar Azam has reached a lot more than other batsmen in terms of points. Babar Azam is first, Fakhar Zaman is second followed by Shobin Gul in fourth place, Imamul Haq has been demoted from third place to fifth place, David Warner is in sixth place and Virat is in sixth place. Kohli is 7th Contin de Kock is 8th Rohit Sharma is 9th and Steves is 10th in ICC one-day batting rankings so if we talk about Pakistan’s batsmen then ah as told you earlier Fakhar Zaman and Ah Babar Azam’s ratings which didn’t make any difference, while Fakhr Zaman has made a big jump, he has been promoted by seven levels and has gained eighty-five points, in addition to Imamul-Haq, he has been demoted by three levels, twenty-four points have decreased, although he scored sixty points in one match. He managed to score more than 24 runs while in the second match, he was able to score 24 runs. Apart from this, Haris Sohail, who is out of Pakistan’s squad once again after being unfit, has been seen in two ranks.

Now he has moved to the 50th position. Eleven rating points have decreased from 48th to 50th. And talking about Rizwan, he was able to get seven levels of promotion. Twenty-two points increased in their ragging. Because of this, they have now come from sixty-five to fifty-eighth. ICCIn the ODI batting rankings. Apart from this, if we talk about bowlers, Joshal Hazor Wood is the number one player here.

Muhammad Siraj is in second place. Mitchell Starc has come up a notch. The reason for the trend at number three is that Bolt has gone down, he is not part of this series. Matt Hendry is at number five. Rashid Khan is sixth. If we talk about Pakistan’s bowlers, Shaheen Shah Afridi is the only Pakistani player in the top ten, but now he is also close to being eliminated from the top ten, with nine points reduced Two which are ranked, and two ranks which are degraded.

They have come from eighth to tenth place. Muhammad Nawaz has been demoted one more rank. They have moved to the twenty-ninth place. Nine rating points have been reduced. Shadab Khan had to face three levels of demotion. Now they have gone from thirty-sixth to forty-ninth. Seven points are reduced. However, Haris Rauf, who has taken six wickets in two matches.

is the wicket-take-raker of the series. He was able to jump fifteen levels ahead. And added thirty-four points to his ranking. Due to this, he has moved from sixty-four to fifty-one and he is closer to joining the top fifty bowlers while Naseem Shah has entered the top hundred one-day bowlers and now his new ranking is four hundred and twenty-nine running points. If there are seventy-three, then this is the ranking of Pakistani players or Pakistani bowlers while talking about all-roaders, then Shakib Al Hasan is in first place, Muhammad Nabi is in second place, Rashid Khan is in third place, Sikandar Raza is fourth place, Zeeshan is at the fourth place. Zeeshan Maqsood is in the fifth position, he has moved to the sixth position, and he is equal to him, you can say he is in the sixth position or the seventh position, Mehndi Hasan is in the ninth position, while Chris Walks is in the tenth position in the all-rounder ranking. There is a ranking update in which you have seen that among the players of Pakistan, especially the batsmen, Fakhar Zaman and Rizwan have progressed. Among the bowlers of Pakistan, Haris Rauf has come up and Naseem Shah has come up. The rest of the top ten bowlers of Pakistan have faced organizational problems.

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