Fakhar Zaman’s possible big jump in ICC ODI batting ranking Will be the No 2 batter

Fakhar Zaman
Fakhar Zaman

Fakhar Zaman, the opening batsman of the cricket team, has prepared to take a big leap in the ICC one-day batting rankings by batting brilliantly in the last match. Will he be a threat to Babar Azam’s world number one position, which is the current world number ten batsman in time is among the top ten batsmen along with how many points he needs and how many points he got for the performance he scored two consecutive centuries and in the past when he scored against South Africa? We will review how many points he got when he scored one hundred ninety-three and one hundred and one runs, and when Shabant Gul scored a double century against the Kiwis in the previous home series, we will review how many points he got.

In the context of this, it will be seen whether Fakhar Zaman will become the world’s number two batsman or he can become the world’s number one, we will review it, but at the same time, there is another big record and that is in the history of one day cricket. Chasing the target, he became the only player in the world to score more than one hundred and seventy-five runs in an individual inning before scoring unbeaten innings of one hundred and eighty runs in the last match against South Africa.

There is no other player in the world who has scored one hundred and ninety-three runs against the target, who has played more than one hundred and seventy-five innings more than once while chasing the target, so this is a unique record, which also happened to the name of Fakhar Zaman. Apart from this, he was not only able to break two big records of Babar Azam, the details of which you already know in the previous video, along with this, but he was also the fastest 3000 one-day runs by Asia and ten one-day in the lowest innings. He was also able to break the Asian record of completing centuries, and he became the top of Asia, these are his records, but now they are moving forward.

Now the first two ODI matches are not included and in the upcoming weekly ranking, these two ODI matches will be included. Imam-UL-Haq is in the second position, followed by Imam-UL-Haq in the fourth position, David Warner in the fifth position, Virat Kohli in the sixth position, Virat Kohli in the seventh position, Rohail Sharma in the eighth position and Fakhar Zaman at the ninth position. He is only one and seventy-eight rating points behind the world number one, while he is one hundred and eighty-eight rating points behind the world number one Babar Azam, so it clearly means that Babar Azam’s position is more secure than that. Will he be able to score 78 points to become the world’s number two one-day batsman and snatch the second position from Rasi Wayne Radisson it looks like he will easily be in the top three and Virat Kohli to Shubin Gill to David. Warner will outscore the batsmen.

Now the important thing here is how many points he will get if we talk about Shubin Gill’s last home series against Kiwis when he managed to score 280 runs. Instead, they got one hundred and thirteen rating points, which is a huge number of A points, which is a very high number of points. In addition, Shabin Gill scored one hundred and twelve runs against New Zealand, for which he got an eighteen rating. Points were received and if we talk about Fakhar Zaman when Fakhar Zaman scored one hundred and ninety-three runs against South Africa, he got eighty points and after that in the next match, he was able to score one hundred and one runs.

They got twenty-six points, so in this context, they should easily get at least seventy-eight points for the brilliant and unbeaten performance of one hundred and eighty runs. Apart from this, the century scored in the first one-day match will also get more than twenty rating points, so it clearly means that Fakhar Zaman will easily become the world’s number one-day batsman. Eight levels will jump. Will come from tenth to second place and the top two positions on the top chart of the ICC one-day batting ranking will be occupied by Pakistani batsmen.

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