Historical ODI Today, PAK Eyes on Set Clean-Sweeps World Record Babar Azam No.1 ODI Captain

World Record Babar Azam No.1 ODI Captain
World Record Babar Azam No.1 ODI Captain

The fourth match of the series between Pakistan and New Zealand will be played today in Karachi this match is a very important match for Pakistan and may prove to be a historic match in which Pakistan has a chance to set a new record of a clean sweep against TVs. Apart from this, this match can be historic in many respects, along with doing all these things in this report, I will tell you that Babar Azam has succeeded in becoming the number captain of the world.

He has left behind Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Virat Kohli, and Abraham de Villiers. This review will also form part of this report. And today’s match, as you already know, the Pakistan team has taken an unbeaten lead of three zero in the series. And by winning today’s match, Pakistan can become the world’s No. 1 ODI team for the first time in history, and to maintain this honor, Pakistan has to win the fifth ODI match.

But apart from that, what is important is that Fakhar Zaman can also set three records today. You have learned all these things in the previous videos. So let’s move on to the clean sweep record.

Rather, before that, they discuss Babar Azam, who has succeeded in becoming the world’s number one-day captain. In the history of ODI history, the captains have scored at least 1000 ODI runs while playing under their leadership. Among them, Babar Azam’s average is now around seventy-five runs per innings.

He has played a total of twenty-three ODI innings as a captain so far. Fifteen hundred and sixty-eight runs have been scored. Seventy-four index six has been their average. His strike rate was ninety-four point four zero. Virat Kohli is second in this list. Whose average was better decimal six-five? And these are the only two ODI captains in the world.

Whose average has been more than seventy runs per innings? Other captains in his captaincy include Abram Reveland, Fawlopalli, Rohit Sharma, and Mahendra Singh Dhoni, these are the players who have made a name for themselves in history but Babar Azam has managed to surpass them all here. Let me also mention that under the leadership of Babar Azam, Pakistan won a mutual ODI series against Australia after a long wait of twenty years and now after twelve years of waiting Pakistan was able to win an ODI series against New Zealand. Apart from this, he has many credits in his name, especially since he is the only Pakistan captain who has won back-to-back ODI series against New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa.

There is no other captain of Pakistan under whose captaincy Pakistan has won mutual ODI series against these three teams. So these are the records anyway. Apart from this, there is an opportunity to set a big record today. Babar Azam and Imamul Haq have the fact that they were able to establish a true partnership in the last match.

Due to this, he has the record of most ODI contributions from Pakistan. He had done what Muhammad Yousuf and Younis Khan had, who had played 68 innings and made nine-century partnerships, but Babar Azam and Imamul Haq had played less than half of them and made nine-century partnerships in only thirty-one innings. If they manage to establish one more partnership today, they will become the first pair in the history of Pakistan to have the honor of establishing ten-century partnerships in the ODI format, that is Babar Azam and Imamul Haq. In addition to this, there is an opportunity to establish a big record of a clean sweep today. If the Pakistan team wins this series, it will become the first team in the world by a margin of five zero, which is New Zealand. Before that, Pakistan had done this feat in 2003. In total, there have been five zero clean sweeps against New Zealand only five times, four times, in which Australia, India, and West Indies have also achieved this feat once and Pakistan will also have this honor. At the present time, the Pakistan team is the most successful team in the world with seven such clean sweeps. India has six and South Africa has also done five zero-clean sweeps six times. Bar New Zealand, England, and Bangladesh twice while Boye accomplished this feat once. If you look at Pakistan’s five-nil ODI series, Pakistan has beaten Zimbabwe Boye with this feat three times. In 2002, Pakistan’s first 500 was against Zimbabwe in the away series, in addition to Bangladesh in 203 and New Zealand in the same year, then in 2088 against Zimbabwe and Bangladesh, while in 2000 Against Sri Lanka in 17th and then again against Zumba in 2018, he had a clean sweep of five zero.

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