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Imad Wasim will be replaced by Mohammad Nawaz in Pakistan vs. New Zealand 2023 series Nawaz is unfit

Imad Wasim will be replaced
Imad Wasim will be replaced

Pakistan’s all-rounder Muhammad Nawaz has become unfit in the ongoing series between Pakistan and New Zealand, but the important thing is whether Muhammad Nawaz will not be able to play the remaining two matches of the series. Imad Waseem is now being replaced by him, we examine it and it seems that nature itself is doing the reforms in Pakistan, which does not want our selected or management, it is doing some nature itself like every Suhail. He was included in Pakistan’s one-day squad, but could not play any matches. He became unfit before the first one-day match, after which he was declared out of the series during or before the second match of the series. He was replaced by Iftikhar Ahmed because Iftikhar Ahmed is in good batting form at present and also bowls well, so I think he is also needed by the Pakistan team and he is a part of the Pakistan team.

He has returned, although he did not get a chance in the third one-dayer, but now it seems that he will play the last two one-day matches of the series, besides Muhammad Nawaz who has not taken any wickets in the series so far. In the match, he became unfit and after bowling the first ball of his sixth over, when he tried to hold the catch, the ball hit his finger at a very fast speed and it was so severe that the finger fractured. Due to this he could not bowl or field more in the match, but the PCB has not yet given clarity in this regard. CB will make an announcement, but it seems that Mohammad Nawaz will not be able to play the remaining two one-day matches of the series the question arises whether Imad Wasim is once again included in Pakistan’s one-day squad as his replacement. The part will be made and how important it is to decide. One is that Pakistan should prepare for the World Cup 2023. In the last match, it was seen that Pakistan had only one power hitter for the last ten overs. No, Iftikhar Ahmed was in the squad, but he was not made a part of the playing eleven, besides Imad Wasim can bat well, but he is also not being fed in Pakistan’s one-day team.

Ability of Nawaz, although he has been counted among the top wicket takers of Pakistan since 2022, at present, both his batting and bowling performances are extremely disappointing. Look, he has played two innings, he has scored only nineteen runs and in the last match, he scored eleven runs and was not out, but he played nine balls and hit only one boundary, and on this occasion when Pakistan needed hard-hitting, he was quick on this occasion as well. Apart from that, if you look at his bowling performance, then in the series played between Pakistan and New Zealand, he managed to bowl twenty-one overs, but he did not get any wickets, instead, he scored a hundred. Twenty-one runs are equal to the constitution of the balls, in addition, if you look at Muhammad Nawaz’s one-day debut in 2016 when he was able to make a fifty in the first match, but since then he has never played a fifty-plus inning. Coins proved to be the first and last fifty of his career so far, apart from his performance. In these ten innings, he has been able to reach his score in double figures only twice i.e.

Ten runs, in which once he was able to score twenty-seven runs in the Netherlands and in the last match he was able to score eleven runs in nine balls although on this occasion They had to make runs quickly, they could not succeed in their goal, so overall, in this period, they could make only eighty-four runs with a modest average of twelve runs and a strike rate of seventy-five, which is a very disappointing performance. His performance may be good, but not a good all-rounder’s performance. Also, if you look at his bowling performance, he is also very disappointing. Has taken more wickets in the last ten matches and while he managed to take four wickets, before that against New Zealand he did not take any wickets in the last match of the series against the Netherlands.

He got one wicket in the first match of the previous series against him, four in the second, then one in the next match, while he could not get any wickets in the three matches of the current series, this has been his performance which is very disappointing. In the matches, he has got only six wickets and has given forty-eight and a half runs for each wicket, and has bowled sixty balls, which is a very disappointing performance. After the World Cup 2019, he got a chance to play only two matches one of which he scored 34 runs and was not out. He hit four and two sixes on 26 balls. Against India, he scored 46 runs and was not out. He hit six fours. In the next match, against South Africa, he was able to score 23 runs in 15 balls. He did not get a chance to bat against New Zealand. He played and was not out after scoring 100 runs when all the top-order batsmen of Pakistan were out, then he was able to score 43 runs in 26 balls against Bangladesh, overall his batting performance has been excellent, but In bowling, Imad Wasim is also facing difficulties in the one-day format and in his last three one-day matches, he managed to get only one wicket each before he took four in his last five matches.

He remained on the wicket list in the matches and was able to get two wickets in one match, although Imad Wasim’s performance in the ODI format in the past has not been very good, and besides that, his batting performance is good. So in my opinion, the way his batting and bowling form was in the Pakistan Super League, he bowled well in the series against Afghanistan, then he must be a part of Pakistan’s one-day squad because Pakistan will go on to win the world cup. We have to prepare for Cup 2023 and Pakistan has the last ten overs of 50 overs. In the 50-over match, a hard hitter is needed for this and Iftikhar Ahmed and Imad Wasim are both in dire need of the Pakistan team and hope. The management of Pakistan will take an important and good decision in this regard and Imad Wasim will come back.

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