Mohammad Rizwan spoke up on batting position Which position is best for Rizwan Analysis

Mohammad Rizwan
Mohammad Rizwan

The cricket team’s wicketkeeper-batsman Muhammad Rizwan has spoken about his batting position in the ODI format regarding his batting number. A statement has been made which is unexpected but very important. What do they say about their batting number and whether their topic or their demand is correct or not?

We will review it. That the best position is that of Muhammad Rizwan and how big a role he can play for Pakistan. And first of all, we review his press conference today in which he said that I don’t like batting at number five, I’m not happy with it, I want to bat at number four. After Babar Azam, however, this is one of my wishes, but not every wish of mine needs to be fulfilled, I am a part of the captain’s team where he thinks fit.

They send me, and I don’t have a problem, but I am not satisfied with the fifth number, I am not happy. What is the demand, what concerns do they have regarding the fifth position and how successful they are at the fourth position, how much more beneficial they can be for Pakistan? If we talk about the opening position, he has played fifty-eight innings in twenty-six international matches. His average runs per innings has been over 130 with a strike rate of over 130 and all fifty-plus innings in his career including one century and 25 fifties as an opener and as a non-opening batsman who is one for fifteen innings. A hundred and eighty-five runs could be scored, thirty-three being the best score. The strike rate of sixteen is ninety-six. The runs are less than the balls and in addition to this, only two fours out of the seventy-four of his career have been sixes, otherwise most of the sixes in his career. He has been deployed as an opener and apart from that in the Test format, he plays at lower numbers, sixth and seventh. He scored the highest number of runs at any position, one hundred and fifteen, and the two one-day centuries of his career, which were scored in the second and fourth matches of his one-day career, were both in the same position. But while playing at number four, he made five fifty-plus against Australia and also played at the same position, and in addition to that, his average was thirty-three in eight innings at number five. The average has been even lower than that, the average strike rate of 30 has been 82. The innings played at the fifth and seventh positions have only an average strike rate of 11 and the eighth position has played an innings in which they can score fourteen runs. Batting is going down, numbers are going down, so is their performance, and their average is going down. Less than fifteen one-day matches have been batted in, if seen from the point of view of average, only two players are one player, but since Muhammad Yusuf has come from Rizwan by a small margin, it can be said that Pakistan is the third best player. In the history of Muhammad Rizwan whose average is forty-three index six four, Misbah-ul-Haq scored forty-seven and forty-three index runs with an average of seven-seven that Javed Miandad Inzamam-ul-Haq Ijaz Ahmed, and such in the history of Pakistan. Many big players Younis Khan also could not score runs with such a high average and none of the batsmen who have played at least fifteen innings in the history of Pakistan has a strike rate of ninety runs per hundred balls except Muhammad Rizwan. So it can be inferred that in terms of runs, runs are also fast and at the same time their average is also excellent if their recent performance in the last innings is at fourth place among the Netherlands. He was given a chance against, in which he played a match-winning role by making a lot of runs and was not out. Besides, he got a chance against New Zealand next in Karachi.

Seventy-seven runs were scored and not out. Both the matches were not out. After that, in the next match, when he was sent to the fourth place in a match. So twenty-eight runs could be scored. However, in the last match, he once again managed to score seventy-seven runs. This is his performance in the ODI format. Uh at number four and whenever he is batted at number four.

The last one is his four innings. At number four, he has been able to cross about seventy runs three times out of them. And only once twenty-eight runs have been out, then it can be estimated. How successful they are at number four. But still, our management is not making the right decision regarding this and I think that just like in the T20 format also Rizwan said that he was also asked to open in the ODI format. Ready for that too and I think the more they get set on the wicket.

After that, they should make runs so it is not too difficult. Since the best available position is at the top, he is the fourth number, because the opening position is Fakhar Zaman and Imamul Haq, the one down position is Babar Azam, after that, Rizwan is the best at the fourth position and it is hoped that those who come in the future will There are three matches, Rizwan will be tried at the same position, which can be very beneficial for Pakistan.

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