PAK vs. AFG T20s timetable & final schedule 

The timetable of the 3 T20 matches series between Pakistan and Afghanistan starting from March 24 has also been released and in it the Pakistan team, which is standing only three away from the World Cup in England, that Pakistan can win its own in this series. There will be an opportunity to improve the ranking and whether Pakistan will be able to become the world’s number two TV or not as we review and first of all talk about what is between Pakistan and Afghanistan, this is the first opportunity. There is more than one which is going very fast, but it has rained in Pakistan T20 World Cup and not Asia Cup matches in Afghanistan, but the recovery has gone only once, that too for only one minute.ODI series once T20I series, but this will be the first time that mutual series has been saved more than once and this series

Pakistani fans are waiting impatiently. The teams of Pakistan and Afghanistan have emerged as traditional rivals in recent times. If we look at this, the Pakistani team against Afghanistan so far, neither the ODI nor the T20 format. Lose the match but there have always been difficulties for Pakistan-Afghanistan has always given Pakistan a tough time, so this series of Pakistani fans will not be human in any way, but if it is said that the Afghanistan team will make history in this thing and defeat Pakistan for the first time because their There are also the best players, I will present the review of their players and the new players of Pakistan as soon as possible, but in this, I am presenting the time table for you, which will be their time table according to which The first match will be played on March 24 and all its matches will be played, and the second match will be played on March 26, while the third and final T20 match will be played.

All these matches will be played on March 27. All these matches started at nine o’clock in the night, according to Pakistani time. However, some surprising things have happened in this regard, because mine starts at seven o’clock or six o’clock, but if the time is kept, it is late at night. Because all those people could see Shah for the second time, whose timetable is a drop of blood, this is the timetable that came in addition to that.

Even before the start of Pakistan’s next series, Pakistan is currently standing at the third position in the ICCT Twenty20 ranking with 258th place, ahead of which England is only three points away with 200 expires. India is ranked 260 in the world’s number one team, which has been awarded to Pakistan, in addition to the other three, South Africa, fourth ODI, fifth Australia T.I.

Twenty20 Bangladesh has ranked tenth in Afghanistan with 216. Now the question arises that if the world number 3 wins the series against the third-ranked team, what will be the benefit to Pakistan if Dr. If you look at the system, Pakistan won’t get 1.5. Pakistan team won 20 20 series, winning 2-1 or a clean sweep, even then Pakistan won’t get votes. Pakistan will not get it

According to the rain production system, on the other hand, if Pakistan is defeated, God forbid, Pakistan will suffer a considerable loss. They will be level with fourth-placed South Africa at 256. Also, if Pakistan loses the series by a narrow margin, Pakistan will face a three-point deduction.

And the third position of Pakistan will also continue and the Pakistan team will slip to the fourth position. In this way, if Pakistan loses in the three matches of the series, then Pakistan will finish fifth and Pakistan will go to the fourth position. The fourth position would be that it would also be weakened, this is reproduction in terms of this object

This song is the deal for Pakistan, Pakistan won’t get any posts even from Fateh, but it is straightforward for Pakistan to lose and Pakistan needs to cleanFateh, but sweep this series before the T20 series against New Zealand. Because if Pakistan’s Jin Khilafat achieves great success, then the Pakistan team can go above the world number three and this is the chance for Pakistan if the Pakistan team does not lose a match against Afghanistan.

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