Pakistan Just 1 Win Needed To Become The No.1 ODI Team PAK vs. NZ 3rd ODI Win Boosted PAK’s Ranking

Pakistan Just 1 Win
Pakistan Just 1 Win

In the third one-day match against Pakistan, the Pakistan team achieved great progress in the one-day ranking by winning by twenty-six runs. And now the Pakistan team needs only one Majeed Fatah to become the Army’s number one ODI team. The next must-win. We are reviewing this and in the last match, the Pakistan team won wonderfully.

And the series has been won by a three-zero margin. Even if the Pakistan team loses two matches of the series, it will not have a big impact on the result of the series, but the important thing is that Pakistan’s victories in the next two matches are very important in terms of ranking. At present, if we look at the third ODI match won by the Pakistan team, then the points in the ICC one-day ranking of Pakistan have become one hundred and twelve and by winning the second one-day match, Pakistan’s points have become one hundred. It was ten, due to which two more points were obtained in the previous match, the Pakistan team has managed to become the world’s number three one-day team by advancing one rank. 

At present, Australia has one hundred and thirteen points. India is in first place with one hundred and thirteen points, there is only a decimal difference between the two and the Pakistan team has now come to third place with a difference of only one point, apart from England which is one hundred and eleven. 

The New Zealand team is in fourth place with points, which was in fourth place before the defeat in the last match, now it has gone to fifth place. There have been one hundred and eight ranking points. The country is seventh, Sri Lanka is eighth, West Indies is ninth and Afghanistan team is in tenth place in ICC’s one-day ranking. Now Pakistan team needs only one more victory to become the world’s number one day team If the Pakistan team succeeds in winning tomorrow’s match, which is the next match, i.e. the fourth match, then the points of Pakistan will be equal to one hundred and thirteen points of India and Australia, but due to the difference in the index. 

Pakistan team will become the world’s number one day team, in this case, the three teams which are Pakistan, Australia, and India will have equal points but Pakistan will be first, Australia will be second and India will be third. Nazri will have to face, apart from that, they will remain in fifth place, but they will lose one more point if Pakistan succeeds in the next match and becomes the number one day team in the world, It will also be necessary for him to win the fifth match of the series to maintain his world number one position, because if he wins that match, if Pakistan is defeated in this match, then the points of Pakistan will be cut once again and the Pakistan team will be relegated. Shikar will once again come in third place and since there is no difference in points the only difference between the top three teams is that Pakistan must win the next two matches and hope that the Pakistan team can make this history. 

I don’t know if the Pakistan team has ever become the number one team in the one-day format before, but I have mailed it to the ICC today, God willing, the details will be released. What is Pakistan’s highest record in a one-day format? In T20, Pakistan team has become the number one team in the world and Pakistan has achieved this feat twice in Tests as well under the leadership of Imran Khan in 1988 and the leadership of Misbah ul Haq in 2016. Under the leadership, the Pakistan team became the number one test team in the world, but in terms of the ODI format, nothing can be said definitively. I am waiting for the response email from ICC. Will be able to share the details with you very soon.

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