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PAK’s Big Chance To Be No 1 ODI Team If Beats New Zealand Babar Azam Jumps Again ICC Ranking 2023

ICC Ranking 2023
ICC Ranking 2023

There is a big opportunity for Pakistan in the series of five ODI matches between Pakistan and New Zealand. There is a great opportunity to become the number one ODI team in the world. Apart from this, the Pakistan team can make great progress. If it gives a big result, along with this, the world number two New Zealand also has a chance to become the world number one ODI team. In this report, we will examine all the possible outcomes of the five ODI series whether it is a victory for Pakistan or a victory for New Zealand. What will be its impact on the ranking along with this, there is great news for Babar Azam. All these things will be discussed by taking the ranking before the start of this series.

First of all, if we look at the ICC ODI rankings before the start of the series of five one-day matches between Pakistan and New Zealand starting from April 27, the Pakistan team has one hundred and six rating points. Pakistan is five points behind Pakistan and is also five points ahead of South Africa, which means that it is difficult to go forward. It is also difficult to go back. For a big result, a big victory will be needed. Besides, the New Zealand team is in second place with one hundred and thirteen rating points, its points are equal to the world’s number one Australian Constitution, so it also has a great chance. .

Although their squad is not so strong. That they can achieve great success against Pakistan or whose cricket cannot be said well, but there is little expectation of great performance from them, but we have to see what the results say and what the situation can be. Let us examine this first and see the scenario of Pakistan’s victory if the Pakistan team loses three matches in the series i.e. win three matches and two defeats then what will be the result.

In this situation, the two points will increase, but there will be no difference to Pakistan’s fifth position, and on the other hand, the New Zealand team, which is on the other hand, will witness its second position and will come to the third position with two points less. In addition, if the Pakistan team wins this series with a margin of four A, then the Pakistan team will jump from fifth to third place and Pakistan’s rating will also increase by six points. On the other hand, this defeat will be a big blow to New Zealand, which will go from second to fifth place.

There will be three levels of degradation. The main reason for this is that there is no big difference in ratings between the top five teams. Everyone’s performance has been outstanding in recent times. Due to this, even a small victory or defeat can have a big impact on the ranking of a team. So, finally, what is the biggest good news for Pakistan is that if the Pakistan team wins all five matches of the series, then the Pakistan team can become the number one ODI team in the world.

Pakistan will get nine points and the Pakistan team will come first with one hundred and fifteen rating points. That and the Stralvi team will witness its number one position and go to second place. And the Pakistan team will be two rating points ahead of it, which means their position will be somewhat stronger. Therefore, Pakistan must win all the matches in this series if they want to become the number one ODI team in the world.

Apart from this, if this defeat happens, New Zealand will have to face a big failure, so I am saying regarding the ranking, then the failure must have happened. That her points will be significantly reduced from one hundred and thirteen to one hundred and six points and she will move to the fifth position, her fifth position, which will cause a lot of degradation as well. On the other hand, if the New Zealand team wins by a margin of three to two, it will not make any difference either to Pakistan’s ranking or to New Zealand’s ranking. If the New Zealand team wins by a margin of four to one, then Pakistan’s three points will decrease, but Pakistan’s fifth position will remain intact and the New Zealand team will become the world’s number one day team by getting three points. It will be great news for them, and for New Zealand, in this way, if the New Zealand team gets a clean sweep against Pakistan, which seems impossible, then Pakistan will lose its fifth position, and the Pakistan team will lose seven rating points. Subba will move from fifth to sixth and the New Zealand team will gain six rating points to strengthen their top position, which means that for Pakistan in this series, if its ranking changes whether it is plus or minus, in any case, a clean sweep is required. If so, Pakistan must win all the matches,s and along with this, the last ranking updated yesterday has great news for Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam, who has once again come to world number three. They have come to the third position in the T20 rankings, they had to face relegation due to not being a part of the series against Afghanistan earlier. Generally, they are not cut, but in any case, due to their points being cut, they lost their position, but the points they have now have decreased further, due to which they have been degraded and Babar Azam is once again world number three. Apart from the  batsman, Muhammad Rizwan is in the first and second position with eight hundred and eighteen eight hundred and eleven rating points, besides Surya Kumar Yadav is still in the first position with nine hundred and six rating points between Afghan Pakistan and New Zealand. It can have a big impact not only on the ranking of teams but also on the ranking of batsmen and bowlers.

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