Shahid Afridi is Again back in franchise cricket | Will he play PLS 9? | Will he play 3 leagues this year

Shahid Afridi is Again back in franchise cricket | Will he play PLS 9? | Will play 3 leagues this year
Shahid Afridi is Again back in franchise cricket | Will he play PLS 9? | Will play 3 leagues this year

The former captain of the Pakistan cricket team Shahid Afridi is excited once again, now he is ready to play franchise cricket again. In the last three seasons of the league, he was not able to show great performance and the last season was PSL 2023, he did not play at all, and because of this, the Kashmir Premier League, for which he was the first ambassador, also did not play. Couldn’t play, the main reason being that fitness has always been with him especially the last two seasons of PSL which left him incomplete for Multan Sultans and for Quetta Gully Radiators he could not play the full season if we talk about PSL 2022 which is his so far p. It is the last season of SL in which he played three matches and his best score was four he could score only four runs in three matches and he got three wickets.

His performance in bowling was not very good, even in the previous 2021, scoring only three runs and taking two wickets in four matches for Multan Sultans. He was better, but his performance was not so much outclass. He played nine matches, including an unbeaten run of thirty-five runs. He was able to score ninety-nine runs in nine matches. There was PSL in 2020 but now he is from Pakistan Super League so in a way his career is over, but now in a TV program about him he said that now he is a franchise cricketer. They are ready to come back again, in which the Canada T20 league is said, a league happening in America, it is also said that Sindh Premier League is cricket, for which it is being planned to play on behalf of Shahid Khan Afridi. It should be said that last year I was offered in the T-Ten league, but I could not play there due to my personal commitments if this time I get an offer or get any message from there contact me.

If I go, this time I will definitely be a part of the PTM league. Apart from this, in the recent period, if Shahid Afridi’s last long-distance cricket is seen, he was the captain of the legendary cricket league of Asian lines, in which he The team was successful and won the final match and under the leadership of Shahid Khan Afridi, that’s why Shahid Afridi is probably so excited that he wants to play franchise cricket again. He says that the first edition of the Sindh Premier League, which has been created to bring up young talent in Sindh, is to be played this year. He got a chance to play with them. So at the same time, he is saying that there is a league going on in Canada for which the organizers have contacted him and he is interested in playing. If they are thinking of doing a league in America, then despite all these engagements, they still want to keep themselves as a player, now it is to see how successful they are in this effort.

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